Sunday, March 15, 2009

C.W Stoneking

Went to a gig on the weekend, saw C.W Stoneking- a good ole fashion blues-man. Haven't done the music sketches thing for a while...
So, here we go! The venue changed due to lack of ticket sales, from a large auditorium to a shoe-box of a room over the UWA tav. By the time we found the joint it was packed and the opening act was on, Kyle and I found a spot at the back in a corner and settled in. I got my pocket book out to do some drawings and while I was getting started a man dressed all in white handed me a bottle of rum and said "Drink this" I slammed some down, nearly fell on the floor and had some more.
The man then went through a door I was blocking and returned with beers, one of which he gave to me saying "Don't worry we're gonna fix all this up" or something like that. He then disappeared only to return with the band in tow and several cartons of Coopers Pale Ale which were distributed through the crowd. This was the man- C.W Stoneking.
I'm not going to lie, this kind of thing impresses the crap out of me.
Got a bit rowdy after being liquored up, this guy was not living...
Then the show started- blues and banter, C-Dubs has a comedic style all of his own, cracking jokes between songs and telling stories. During the show I was standing on a chair so I could draw, it was a challenge to stay up there and not collapse in a pile on the floor.
And when it was over we went home. During the boozy bike ride home i lost my favorite pen. Later I made this less sketchy drawing.


kynan robinson said...

hey dude love your drawings, that was a great gig

jesus said...

Thanks! It was a good gig, I had a great time- keep 'em coming
If you want to go on my mailing list I'll send you some stuff.